RFD Media B.V. is a young company based in the Netherlands (Europe) that specializes in financial services for virtual worlds, virtual communities and games. A growing number of virtual worlds such as IMVU have their own economies generating local virtual currencies and interacting with real world economies. Our mission is to facilitate transactions between virtual and real world economies for individuals.

Customer Experience

We aim to service our customers with fully automated trading processes, incorporated in a simple no-nonsense website. We offer world class payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, landline phone payments, mobile payments and direct local banking payment methods. Delivery of virtual currency is always instant through automated gateways which connect our platform to the virtual world. Customer support is provided through the virtual world itself, instant messaging, and of course via e-mail.


RFD Media solely trades currency of virtual worlds in which it has an official reseller status which is fully endorsed by the virtual world owner. We furthermore take extensive security measures to protect our customers against fraud and intrusion. We comply with the Dutch regulations on privacy protection.